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About Our Name
So what’s with the name and horse? CEDA Realty specifically chose the American Paint Horse as its brand identity because of what it represents. The American Paint horse is known for being one of the “hardest working breeds in America” along with its beauty, intelligence, agility and strength. We think of our team as possessing the same qualities.
The name CEDA pronounced [Say-Dah] stands for, "Culture of Excellence and Devoted Advocates." It’s our mission to breed a culture of excellence and create devoted advocates out of all of our clients.
A Culture of Excellence and Devoted Advocates
We are more than just a Company. Ceda Realty represents a new CULTURE in real estate marketing, offering premium services to both buyers and sellers. Instead of reducing value as discount brokers do, Ceda Realty actually increases the value of services, setting new standards for the real estate industry.
Today’s consumer is tired of settling for mediocrity. Ceda Realty seeks EXCELLENCE in every phase of our business. Nothing less is acceptable.
More than dedicated, we are DEVOTED to our clients, DEVOTED to honest dealings with all parties to the transaction and DEVOTED to the highest standards of our industry.
This word best describes our Sales Executives, who are more than mere agents. We always negotiate and act to the best of our ability representing the interests of our clients. Our goal is to be your real estate brokerage, and that of your family and friends, for life.